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In this web we'll try to teach you how to build your own juggling products. Balls, devil stick, rings, clubs and everything related with juggling and may be constructed by yourself. You'll see how easy is to build your stuff. The idea was born from the difficult to find juggling stuff in this island (Mallorca - Baleares - Spain), and when ever you find them, my God, they're very expensive. We're not "masters" in juggling art, even though we consider ourselves very good with our hands (in the good sense), and with some friend's advices and ideas (and also internet), we want to upload some kind of juggling construction manuals (step by step and with many photos).

You will enjoy a lot more with juggling products manufactured by yourself, besides you'll save a lot of money. Yes, we know they wont be as good as the ones you can find in a shop, but like Architect Barragan (Mexican very famous) said: "It's better the grace of imperfection, than perferction without grace".
Well, lets go and construct juggling stuff, go juggling and enjoy. Come on, with less money you'll have handmade balls, rings, devils, clubs, pois and cigar boxes, they will be great.

Besides juggling stuff manufacturing, you'll also find tutorials, so you can learn how to juggle, first steps, tricks, patterns. It includes a siteswap tutorial and a multiplex and synchronous siteswap.

We also created our own siteswap simulator.
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Malabares infantiles: Tutoriales de fabricación de cariocas y bolas, que aunque no son muy profesionales salen superultramegaeconónimos y además son ideales para que los usen y construyan los niños, todo a base de telas, cintas, cuerda, etc. Y tambien como hacer juguetes hechos con material reciclado.

Instrumentos musicales y sonido : Construcción de un didgeridoo de PVC, didgeridoo de pita y didge de cartón ,de fabricación de un palo de lluvia , de como hacer un tubo de truenos y un silbato de gaviota, poco a poco iremos subiendo mas cositas.

Instrumentos cotidiafonos: Estamos subiendo tutoriales de construcción de instrumentos musicales hechos con materiales cotidianos, esperamos que os guste.

Recursos para monitores de tiempo libre: Si eres monitor de tiempo libre para niños y jóvenes, aquí encontrarás gran cantidad de recursos que te ayudarán.

Don't be shy. If you have doubts or any suggestions, let us know with an e-mail ... hey! we have everything!

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